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Located 750 m above sea level, Kvitfjell Hotel offers magnificent views over the Gudbrandsdalen valley, right next to one of the best alpine slopes in Scandinavia. Kvitfjell has developed into a well-established and complete sports destination, which is also known for hosting the Olympic and World Cup events.

For this year's KTM EUROPE ADVENTURE RALLY, we secured the complete hotel exclusive for our event and made the accommodation as part of the package deal.
Due to limited capacity, we strongly encourage shared bedrooms or huts. 

These are the options you´re able to book at the registration: 

  • Shared double bed in a private room: One big bed, the two guests share the same bed. You should know your roommate well.
    It could also happen, that you have to share the bathroom with others as well. 
    When you tick an accompanying person at the register formula in the beginning, we already calculate two people for the hotel. Then you can choose between a double bed and a shared bedroom.
    If you register as a rider without an accompanying person, please let us know the other rider you want to stay within the room (it´s only one big bed) in the comment field of the summary page. 
    There is also the possibility to register another rider when you reach the summary of this registration. 
  • Single bed in a room to share: this will be a single bed in a room or hut of up to 8 people to share with. Everyone will have his/her own bed, but you will have the bathroom to share with others. If you are a group of riders, please let us know and we will try to put all of you in the same room/hut. 
  • Single room: this option is only if you want to be in a single room by yourself.
    It will be a double room with an additional cost of 400,-€ and exclusive to one person only (no possibility of extra guest).
    Please understand, that the single room extra costs are extremely high, as we pay the hotel by person and not by room. 

Link to the website: Kvitfjell Hotel

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